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Quote of the day "Prevail not just endure...(Faulkner)"

6-1-01 Friday 7:00pm
    Well, here it is..my new glasses..hahah i kno I look like an old skewl teacher or something. Just got them today, hopefully make my eyes feel better; i'm not going to wear my contacts as much. Gotta eat now so write more laters~

5-21-01 Monday 5:35am     *yawn* so tired but I can`t sleep~stomach`s hurting too much. I hate being a gurl, I guess I have it good tho cuz I usually don`t have cramps. But when I get it I get it bad especially when I`m crazy stressed. The last time I had it this bad was two years ago in Hong Kong..it was hurting soo bad I was throwing up! Hurtn so bad I can`t sleep...but I`m soo tired!     My mommy just talked to me last nite..couple hrs ago. She has finally agreed. She`s not giving her approval, just her consent that I can go do what I want this summer. I`m satisfied with that right now...what else can I do? *sigh* I`m going to attend a class in CIA then get a job in NY and hopefully work my way thru so I can enroll the next spring.I`m going to be in some big financial problem: if anybody would like to contribute to the "Send Lainey to Skewl Fund" feel free to contact mee ANYTIME!     Talked to my cousin Jane(her daddy`s mah daddy`s big bro; mah uncle`s a BU prof.!) and she said she might know somebody in NY ...hopefully she can help. I`m soo tired, tink I`ll try to get some zzz now..nite nite everybody. I`ll write mo in couple hrs when I`m concious~ Hope my bear`s going to help ease the ridiculous pain in my poor tummy. I took a painkillah five hrs ago, when`s it gonna kick in?! Did I mention I hate being a gurl?

5-16-01 Wednesday 1:40am*cough cough* blah
    I don`t feel good...still sick. Thought I was a lil better, but nopes. Plus, my mommy and I just had a disagreement (if that`s whut you can call it). She`s like so against mee going to NY rite now, I think her and everybody (`cept maybe like two ppl) who think that I`m going for a really stupid reason~ having a relationship with somebody who I don`t really know. That is definately not what I have in mind. WTF guys! I need somebody to support me in my decisions! I am think about my own future here, and quite frankly I am really scared. I thought if everybody around think that..I don`t really give a flying (**** trying soo very hard not to swear lately) but she`s my MOM! She doesn`t get it that I want to stay in the eastcoast either. A lot of things that has happened in my life had been coincidences (or are they?) For instance the year I went to GBA but the first thing everybody thinks about is not maybe this time she`ll come out better but she must be doing this for a (stupid) reason. I had told her I don`t want to go to Las Vegas no matter what since december! She makes it sounds like I..I don`t know..I don`t know what the heck she`s thiking rite now..she told me that she wants an answer in two days. I don`t know what to tellher. I have plans..or maybe I don`t but no way in Hell I`ll go to Las Vegas. Frustrated and don`t know what to do.
    My main concern right now is looking for a paid internship quick..writing to chefs in restaurants..but then again maybe I should write to owner instead? No, no, no..think I`ll stick to writing to chefs.

5-12-01 Saturday 5:25pm
    Waiting to go out and eat with DaiMiCkEy`s family for an early Mother`s day dinner..Happy Mommy`s day Judy! Muah. Write some mo tonite when I`m back. Mee sooo happy! haha had a really good hotdog at HomeDepot..er, I`ll tell you laters.

5-9-01 Wednesday 10:45am <~this is whut I wanna be doing. Kindda bored..wanna be outside next to the ocean or sumn

    Yesterday was sooo good. After skewl DaiMiCkEy and I went all the way to Dorcester to eat Pho for luch..MmmMMmmMm.. tink he says we`ll go eat Pho in Worcester tm! Hehe. We dropped by D`s house before we went home `cuz the poor dude was sick..and he wanted some hot and sour soup..(he added Tobasco sauce to it!!! Dang man..)When we got back to DaiMiCkEy`s house (after all the friggn` traffic!) we took some pics wit his webcam..How come it seems that they look briter than the ones that I take with mine?!Just playing wit Kevin`s dimples heeČ I`m sucha sucker for dimples!Are we posing?! ahhahaha     Yeah, mommy`s gonna go up to Vermont this weekend for her b~day and I`m not going..I`m gonna miss a whole lot. O wells. It`s my choice tho. Hopefully I`ll goclubbin? *doubt it*     O yeah, mee and kev were talking bout which one was Gonzo and which was Fozzie..I`ve been on all last nite trying to find them..These are mah faves from There`s:
His voice is soothing for sum reason and mah mommy bought me a kermit puppet when I was young..dunne where it`s now *sniff, sniff*
Actually I had Rowlf and Fozzie confused..I like Rowlf soo much! He`s sooo fuzzy and cute.
Fozzie and his stupid corny jokes hahaha.
I`m 2..er..5..um, o yeah 19..!I kno I`m a kid..is dere a problem?! I lub mah Seasame St.! Well okies imma gonna go home now..soo tired hahaha maybe take a nap before I work? Nite nite guys! kehe

5-6-01 Sunday 2:00amDint eat no today, but then again..when do I really eat rice?     MmmMMmm good hahaha. Sooo FuLL! Dint do nething during the day...just read a lot..was waiting to go to Venezia(a really really good Italian restaurant..DaiMiCkEy can vouch for that!) Too bad we made Steve wait for like half an hr! Oops..wells y`all kno how us gurls are. Actually it was mah mommy who was hogging the bathroom. The dinner was great..I had mah rack of lamb(rare)and mah breadpudding for dessert; the view of the ocean was awesome, esp. when we were there from 7 sumn till almost ten! After dinner we chilled at Maxima1999`s house for lil bit. So now, I`m back at Dunkin after playing pool wit them..tm prolly gonna go eat some PHO in Dorcester wit mah babee DaiMiCkEy in the morning. Gonna have to sleep early tonite i guess. *sigh* mee such a nite owl hehe.     3:00am Man, I`m gonna sleep now..this is mee bored and tiredI`m soo bored and yes I`m pouting! I sorta dressed up today for the dinner..now I reek `cuz played pool..hate that. gonna drive out to Quincy tm so gots to get some beauty Zs (yeah, like that`s gonna help wit the looks whutever!) nite nite sweet dreams everybody.

5-5-01 Saturday 1:15amain`t mah garfield cute? it`s mah cursor of the moment     *yawn*think I should be sleepin..but not quite ready for bed yet. I`ve been going on avchat so much lately that it`s good to be taking a break..well, okies so the site was down today..but hey atleast i`m not looking for other avchats! *Ahem*, anyways. DaiMiCkEy was nice `nuff to drive mah sorry @ss to work today...I need to get a car bad..but whut with the speeding tickets I`ll prolly never get one! Stayed home and read (and still reading) Stephen King`s The Dark Half; it`s okies rite now..hope i`ll get to the good part soon. i washed the dishes tonite! ain`t I a gooood gurl? *heeČ*     Dunno y but did a lil shopping today..bought two of the same great smelling shampoo I`m gonna smell sooo good! *sniff,sniff* smells like apricot! And some teddygrams MmmmMmm! Too bad I havn`t started eating `em yet. O talking bout teddy grams, I`ll have to buy milk! Whut`s teddygrams witout MILK?! Milk..does a body good..especially this ShORt one hahaha. This is mah second milk sign..*DaiMiCkEy* hey,Jim says I could take `em!so *blah*     O, on Saramnet...ppl been telling me that I look Pinay..wha?! I do? Hmm...okies..must be the webcam cuz I kno I ain`t dark..hahah or maybe it`s the lips ..dang. O wells, can`t help it if I gots sausage for lips hahaa. I just took the purity test at I`m only 53% pure?!hmmm.
You gots to try the You Mother Phuckas best go check that sh!et out `cuz it`ll make yourphucking worthless day a lil mo interesting..*heeČ if you go dere then you`ll understand*     Wow, i really havn`t been clubn` in awhile dude, Wow I hope I don`t really look like dat!*wiggle wiggle*o wells I guess Mister Elmo here will have to do mah share for now..heheh nite nite sweet dreams! O, and if you`ll be nice and drop mee a note or write in mah guestbook *sumn original or interesting please; not trying to be picky but hey I`ve gots standards!* it`d be much appreciated. *smiles*

5-3-01 Thursday 11:05am     Whut shup whut shup y`all..haha I kno I havn`t been updating much lately..just found a new addiction that`s all. AVchat is sooo stupid...but I`m really hooked. Help!     I`ve been just bumming `round lately. Nothing really to do. Going out and chilling wit DaiMiCkEy a lot tho!*smile* It`s too dang hot in boston..makes me feel soo lazy. Well, atleast I went andplayed a lil b~ball the other day. *O, Vuong! Hope you did good on your CPA exam dude.*     I took this pic the other day Hmm have I started looking like PoPeYe yet? kehe..*munching spinach* hahaha I`m cut ain`t I?! Neways...yeah I tink I should get a lil more exercise these days...nebody wanna play b~ball?! hahaha but I gots to warn you: I run wit the ball!     I`m sittn in skewl with nuttn to do but update, going to Allston soon to get a book a the second hand store again..and maybe grab some Bun(you kno, the vermicelli?)at Pho Pasteur. Mmmm*growl* getting hungry hahaha. Aiites gotta go.

4-28-01 Saturday 3:30am
Hehe having too much fun on Saramnet.com! Soo tired...just hella bored that`s y i`m still online. I havn`t updated for the past couple days, so sowwie.

4-22-01 Sunday 1:15am
I`m sooo confused..and sad. Lately, I`ve found that I`m pretty much a jinx to whoever that knows mee..does that make sense? Ppl that I know are gettn sick left and right..3 ppl..THREE ppl! that I know have tumors. I feel soo sad. I`m such a dink; I can`t ever hold back tears when I feel the urge to cry..I couldn`t at work last nite. Edmund musta thought I was a dork..*sigh* Lub you lots man, hope you get thru the tough times and well, hope I can get thru my share too. I just got my second speeding ticket! WTF?! I got tailed by this sh!etbox rite after I got outta Wasabi, so I slowed down and hoped that he would pass mee but no..the @sshole musta thought it was real funnie cuz he kept tailing me real close and wouldn`t give up. I remember thinking to myself that there`s prolly a cop at the dinner waitn` for speeders..when I was checking how fast I was going :lemme tell ya it ain`t all that fast: when I SAW a friggn cop car driving outta the damn dinner and pulling rite next to mee and turned it`s friggn` flashers on so I had to pulll over mad quick...well, let`s just say I got one helluva big one slapped on mee..mah next two paychecks will be going towards mah speeding tickets fund..*dammit!* O, and the most pleasant thing is that the fucca didn`t bother to pull over the sh!etbox! The injustice! argh! makes mee wonder how friggn righteous these law enforcers are. Okie okie, I`m done with my share of b!tching today. I know I havn`t been updating much lately, that`s becuz I`ve been working mah @ss off..two jobs..not that I can`t handle it..just stress. I worked at Loren`s photography studio, and whutever free time I had it all went to the restaurant. Well, that was only two weeks hahhaa..I`m now unemployed..um, wait no I`m not. I got :fired: from the restaurant hehe, nah, they just got their full time help back so I`m out; but whutever it`s all good i guess. I was so tired and everything cuz of a lot o` tings but I was actually sleeping for ten hours today! I havn`t slept like that in like ..well, um..i dunno hahhaa. Still tired tho. and sorta bored but keeping mahself busy with Stephen King books hehe. I finished Delores Claiborne and now almost done with Firestarter. Just got em at the second hand bookstore in Allston on Tuesday. By the way, have you all (well that would be the two or three of you rite? hahaha)notice that I dun ever put up quotes? Kevin had put that one up to remind mee of the things I have to accomplish. He`s been really understanding and extra nice to mee lately..I really appreciate the things that you do babe. Really. *yes, even tho I dun put that on my page all the time* And I swear we`re going to Venezia (a really good Italian restaurant in Quincy..overlooks the waterfront..nice...)! I`ve just dug thru my VCDs box for Oldfart..aka Edmund and found all these pics from couple years back and wOw I`ve notice all these changes; appearance wise. Both Kev and mee. Will scan em tm. So here`s mee sittn mah lazybutt at Dunkin typin away on the laptop in the office..and when I finish I`m going to check my e~mails *which is prolly none..sniff sniff..you ppl havn`t been good at keeping in touch you kno. and not even a NOTE!* *pout* and then sit and read mah book summore..then ..zzzz..hehee ain`t I boring? I tink this is mee relaxing..um..well, not that I`ve been working ThAT hard hahaa..mmm it`slate and I`m tired..nite nite ppls sweet dreams..O, and stay healthy; I dun want to hear that another person is sick!

4-16-01 Monday 12:55am L~R Mommy, Wendy, Sifu(Master in chinese) and mee..Wendy and I just got off work..yeah I look *ReaL* good! blah. hahahha    mm tired..so tired...gonna update tm! heheee nite nite everybody!

This was two years ago at a Kareoke place..Henry being a dork as usual and Tammy! *call Tammy..call tammy..mmm hello?* hehe hey gurl whut sup! Well if you ever read this...miss ya. It was mad fun chilln wit you. O and can I get another kiss? haha I really like these..will we ever take sticker pics again? this is officially my favortie ice~cream of the moment..wanna make mee happy?! o dang..we don`t have Kozmo.com in Boston! Boonies argh~
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